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In order to keep your company safe, we can assist you in identifying potential risks and in setting up a system to do away with the threat of a cyberattack. To learn more, contact Lappy Queries right away.

Cybercrime is on the rise..
A cyber attack incident is predicted to happen every 11 seconds in 2023.

That is almost the same as it was in 2022 (every 19 seconds). In 2023, it's predicted that cybercrime will cost the world economy $6.9 trillion! Find out more about Protected-Call today!

Trustworthy Cyber Security Services at LappyQuries

A company's most valuable asset is its customer data. However, that is also the location of the most threat.

Hackers have a greater chance as technology advances to access data with malice, posing a serious risk to your company and its customers. An inefficient cyber security strategy has the potential to harm organisations of all sizes in our constantly changing digital world.

You have a professional obligation to keep customer data safe and secure by eliminating any chance for a sophisticated cyber assault, regardless of whether you’re a lone proprietor or the head of a large corporation.

With Lappyqueries, you can rest easy knowing that your client data is completely safeguarded thanks to our tried-and-true commercial cyber security services.

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What types of cyber security risks are protected from by our services?

Hackers are constantly coming up with inventive and novel ways to attack vulnerable systems. Our services will assist with all phases of possible and actual attacks, including setting up, defending against, responding to, and mending data, servers, networks, computers, and mobile devices. An extensive spectrum of digitally malicious operations are covered by cyber security. There are various frequent cyberattacks that all business owners should be aware of, ranging from identity theft to remote access scams:


Phishing is when an internet con artist tricks a computer user into disclosing personal information. You might get a bogus bank employee's email, or someone could use social media to impersonate a reputable business. Customers must always be able to confirm the business they are talking with, which calls for the implementation of stringent security procedures (especially for financial institutions or governmental organisations).


Hacking is when an online con artist acquires access to data by exploiting security flaws and breaking into a network or system without authorization.

Hackers may acquire access to client data when they break into government or financial institutions, for instance, greatly raising the danger to the company.

Breaches of Data

Even if all cyberattacks are severe, data breaches may be the most important for a company like a financial institution or governmental organisation.

Loss or theft of laptops, USB drives, or computers can result in a data breach, as can accidentally transmitting sensitive information to the incorrect user.

Remote Access Scams

A con artist can persuade a victim that they must log into a computer or network by using remote access technology. By doing this, they seize control of the technology and have access to personal data.


Pop-ups that trick users into installing software are known as malware. The hackers can then access data and files.


Malware known as "cryptoware" deceives users into paying money to access data or programmes. The crooks use the credit card information after it has been entered.

How to Safeguard Your Company From Cyberattacks.

In order to secure you, your customers, and your suppliers, lappyquries collaborates with businesses to provide complete cybersecurity services.

We assist companies in identifying potential security risks associated with technology and offer cost-effective, streamlined security solutions. We also inform the staff about the best operating practises for maintaining the security of systems and client data.

In addition to our cybersecurity services, we can help with remote IT assistance, business or home computer support, installation of smart TV wall mounts, home WiFi configuration, and more.

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Our Services for Cybersecurity

Hackers are constantly coming up with creative and novel ways to attack vulnerable systems.

Our services will assist with all phases of possible and actual attacks, including setting up, defending against, responding to, and mending data, servers, networks, computers, and mobile devices.

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